Bournemouth Surfboat Club was formed on 4th July 2009. Ellis Hagger and Mark Green conceived the idea during a 6hr drive back from Pembrokeshire where they’d been filming on location for the Hollywood film Robin Hood, staring Russell Crowe. Ellis and Mark were both active members of Westover and Bournemouth Rowing Club and they joined a hundred other specialist coastal, Atlantic and surfboat rowers as marine crew for the climactic battle sequence in Ridley Scott’s $200M epic. Following sterling performances, the guys were then asked to make up the twelve rowers for the Royal Gig. These sequences were filmed at Virginia Waters and in the vast water tank at Pinewood Studios. It was here that they met Russell Crowe and made good friends with several surfboat rowers, thereby inspiring the formation of a new surfboat club.


Enthused by their Robin Hood adventure, Ellis and Mark decided to start Bournemouth Surfboat Club


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